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If you’re in the market for a franking machine that will allow you to stamp letters and packages automatically, you are probably also curious about how to get a truly great deal on franking machines. These machines are useful office appliances that will allow you to bypass the usage of conventional paper-and-glue stamps, and they also compute the total charge of posting your mail.

Mail-outs from your office will be a total breeze when you own a franking machine, and you’ll save money by choosing to “frank” your letters and packages, rather than shelling out hard-earned money for stamps every single day. The best businesspeople know the value of these machines, and they use them exclusively for every bit of their business correspondence. Now, it’s your chance to streamline your business operation with an efficient and affordable franking machine.


Save Money on Your Franking Machine Purchase



Finding an affordable franking machine will be so much easier when you follow our expert tips and advice. Since we offer a unique and effective service that will assist you in saving time while you’re searching for quotes on franking machines, we provide you with access to speedy, accurate quotes that give you the potential to save big when you make the decision to buy your own franking machine.

To find out more about how to score a high-quality, competitively-priced franking machine of your own, be sure to read the rest of this article…

Now, let’s examine some popular features of the best franking machines…


Popular Features of High-quality Franking Machines


Years ago, franking machines were simpler mechanisms that included postage scales. Today, these easy-to-use, high-tech devices have come a long way. Modern franking machines have a range of practical features, such as high-end postage meters, that assist businesspeople with mail-outs and record-keeping.

The postage meters that you will find on today’s best franking machines will allow you to track your postage costs and assign them to the right accounts or departments. By using codes to track expenses, you may ensure perfect record-keeping year-round. Postage meters offer users the very best in efficiency. While certain low-end models won’t have detailed accounting features, most will offer a way to match codes to specific letters and packages. As you can see, franking machines make mail-outs easier, and the benefits don’t stop there…

Another popular feature of the hottest franking machines is a postage reset functions. By using this feature, you’ll be able to reset the rate of postage whenever you wish. Utilizing this function is the key to ensuring that every letter or package is sent out just as it should be. For example, if one letter requires first-class postage, you may apply that through franking, and then reset the machine for regular postage, in order to send out your other mail at a lower postal rate. This flexibility will make certain that you don’t need to spend more than you have to on postage. The feature also contains protective elements that ensure that very high postage rates are not applied accidentally.

Yet another feature of typical franking machines is a feeder function, which routes mail through the postage meter. Feeders may be manual, partly automatic, or fully automated. If you choose an automated feeder, it will “grab” the envelope and then apply postage without you needing to feed it through by hand.

Franking machines generally also include sealers that close envelopes securely when they are fed through the unit. If you like, you may use this feature to seal your mail, without applying postage, so it offers plenty of versatility.

Processing envelopes with their flaps open is also possible, as long as you choose a franking machine with a nesting feature. This convenient feature gives you more options as you prepare mail-outs.

To ensure that no one uses your franking machine for their own personal gain, choose a model that includes password protection. This sort of protection will stop people from trying to use the machine for their own personal mail. Without the right password, there will be no way to access the machine’s postal meter.

Inside of a franking machine, there is usually a replaceable chip that shows charges for different types of mail. This chip will also list prices for registered and certified letters and packages. Since the chip may be replaced when rates change, it’s easy to ensure that you are paying the correct amount for all mail processed through your franking machines.

Lastly, these machines usually have stackers that neatly group metered mail.


How to Choose the Right Franking Machine Brand


Make the most of your purchase by choosing the brand that is perfect for you needs. Our website is a valuable online resource that allows you to read impartial product reviews for a range of franking machine models. When you peruse the specifications and product details for each type of machine, you’ll be able to decide exactly what you what, as well as what you don’t need. Since we’ve gathered all of the product information that you need in one convenient place, comparison shopping for the perfect franking machine brand and model will be a piece of cake.

Tracking down all of these product details on your own would take hours or days. Typical comparison shopping for franking machines is very time-consuming and dull. Because we’ve taken the time to do the work for you, we’ve created the perfect online archive of franking machine product reviews. Our website features a simple and intuitive interface that is just so easy to use and understand. When you read our reviews, you’ll learn every important detail about select models, and you’ll have many products to compare and choose from.

By amalgamating reviews in one place, we facilitate your shopping experience. But we don’t stop there…


Learn the Secrets of Saving Big on a Franking Machine


Our team of franking machine specialists have the ability to connect you with suppliers who will fight for your business, underbidding one another to give you the very best quotes. Because we’re so well-connected, we are able to utilize our network in order to offer you the franking machine savings that you really deserve.

How does it work? Well, the secret of how we save you money on your franking machine begins with our comparison shopping service. To save you homework and research, we compare most suppliers within each vertical, and then give you the three best quotes for your preferred product. We never bother our clients with a barrage of sales calls, so you won’t need to deal with any annoying “hard-sell” as you choose the best price for your postal machine.

Since you’ll be able to compare products and prices so effortlessly, you’ll be able to save lots of cash. If you weren’t using our comparison service, you’d need to collect product information and quotes through labour-intensive Google searches and emails to suppliers. To help you get the information that you need, we do all of the hard work for you. Our convenient service gives you all of the data that you’ll need to make a wise and informed decision about buying a franking machine for your office.

Because we know all of the best suppliers, we connect you with the right people. These suppliers sell the most high-quality products, and they will compete to win your business. Because we encourage suppliers to bid against each other’s quotes, we inspire greater savings for our clients. If you’re looking for the lowest possible price on your new machine, you’ll find that our system gives you the great prices that you really deserve.


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We hope that this detailed article has helped you to learn more about franking machines, as well as how to get a really great deal on your own franking machine. By offering you accurate information about how these machines work, which features they typically include, and how to compare brands and quotes, we’ve made it simple for you to locate the perfect model for your needs.

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