Martix F2 franking machineMatrix F2 Franking Machine


If you’re searching for ways to streamline your mail-outs, while also saving money on the cost of postage, you’ll enjoy learning about the Matrix F2 Franking Machine. This high-tech, easy-to-use franking machine makes it so easy to seal, frank, and sort all of your letters and packages. As you may already know, when you choose to frank, rather than using conventional paper stamps, you save money.

After all, franking allows you to access postal discounts that really add up over time. For this reason, choosing the Matrix F2 Franking Machine will be a smart business strategy. This cost-effective model comes with a wealth of features that give it great versatility and practicality.


Features of the Matrix F2 Franking Machine


This model features quiet operation, so it’s never an intrusive presence at your business. Since it features up-to-date postal rates, you’ll never need to manually search for the right rates again, as the machine will do all of the hard work for you. Created by Frama (a brand with a great reputation for quality), this superb franking machine offers programmable, one-touch keys, an automatic feeder and link scales that are sensitive enough to provide you with exact weights. When you select this model, you’ll never pay more postage than you have to. This system will ensure that you pay accurately for everything that you send out.

This unit’s printer features 600dpi resolution, ensuring a crisp, perfect “frank” every time that you process you mail. In addition, changing ink cartridges is a simple, “plug and play” process.


Product Specifications


ComTouch™ (simple control panel displaying only the function you need now)

18 programmable OneTouch functions to select the most frequently used postal products and tariffs, available simply at the touch of your fingertips

HQ print mode with 600 dpi (greatest contrast and perfect printing for high-quality mailings)

Process envelopes up to 10 mm thick

Automatic, side letter ejection

Direct franking of supplemental postal services such as Special Delivery and Recorded letters

Speed: 1250 letters per hour

5 designable and selectable advertising stamps

3 advertising messages saved in the system

2 self-programmable additional texts (instead of an advertising stamp)

2 cost centres with clear text designation (provides an improved overview and facilitates cost allocations)

A variety of reports (receipt printout for postage loadings, printing out of different settings, pro-forma postage invoices and postage statements)

Blocking of high franking amounts (additional security)

Automatic date setting

Incoming mail stamp function

Advertising stamp without postage

Scale interface

Built-in modem

Dimensions (L × W × H) 305 × 210 × 205 mm


How to Get a Great Deal on this Device


To score a perfect deal on this highly-rated franking machine, be sure to use our fast, easy quotation service today. To assist you in getting the lowest price, we offer an online quotation form that takes only a couple of minutes to complete. Once you’ve filled out the form, you’ll be ready to receive the lowest three quotes for this model.

Our system is the best way to save money, time and energy as you seek out a new franking machine. So, why not try it today?

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