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If you’re unfamiliar with franking machines, it’s time to learn the answers to some franking FAQs. By learning more about these practical, cost-effective postage machines, which work without traditional stamps, you’ll gain an edge in your business. All of the best businesses utilize franking machines to streamline their mailroom operations. Whether your business is small, medium or large, you’ll find that franking machines provide a range of tangible benefits.

Should my Company Frank Its Mail?

Yes, you should. When you buy a franking machine, you’ll access a fast and simple way to manage your mail-outs, thereby saving yourself energy, time and cold, hard cash. When you get your own franking machine, you’ll also buy a license that allows you to frank mail right from your own office or other place of business, without needing conventional stamps. By choosing this method of dealing with your mail, you’ll enjoy discounts on postage. Expect savings of up to thirty-five percent when you adopt franking practices at your business. As you can see, the ease, convenience and cost-effectiveness of franking machines make them must-haves for today’s savviest businesspeople.

How Do Franking Machines Work?

Franking machines are equipped with a range of features that allow them to process mail, determine the correct rate of postage (based on weight), and then apply an imprint that works just like an old-fashioned, paper-and-glue stamp. Some machines have automatic feeders to speed up mail processing. Another great feature of a typical franking machine is an accounting feature, whereby it’s possible to track postal expenses by account number or client number. Franking machines are a great way to improve record-keeping and accounting at your business.

Where Do I Find the Best Franking Machines?

This website is the best place to perform quick and easy comparison shopping for franking machines, because our services are designed to take care of the research and hard work for you. We offer a range of detailed and impartial product reviews that outline the benefits, features and prices of the best franking machines sold online.

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