Franking benefitsFranking Benefits


If you’re interested in running a more efficient office, you will enjoy learning more about the benefits of franking. Franking happens when franking machines are used to make mail-outs more efficient and affordable. Instead of buying conventional stamps and then stamping each letter or envelope individually, you’ll be able to apply postage through the franking process.

Letters and packaging will be processed through the franking machine’s feeder; a postal meter and weigh scale will then calculate the correct postal amount for each piece of mail. This automatic postage process is quite simple to master. All that you’ll need to do is decide which rate of postage, such as regular postage or first-class mail, is appropriate for each letter or package. Your franking machine will take care of the rest.

Mailing out your “franked” mail will be easy. When you purchase your franking machine, you’ll also buy a franking machine license. When you receive your device and license, you’ll be ready to start processing your mail in whole new way. At this point, all that you’ll need to do is sort your mail by class and then deliver it to a local post office. Franked mail needs to be sent out on the same day that it’s processed.

Using a franking system leads to better organization at your business, and it also helps with accounting. Since these machines track postal costs by client or account number, they ensure perfect record-keeping all year round.


Franking Machines are Very Cost-effective


Since using a franking machine costs less than buying traditional stamps, buying a franking machine will be a cost-effective choice for your business. In addition, franking adds cachet to your business, since it gives all of your correspondence a professional, corporate look that sends a powerful message of success.

If you like, you may customize your mail by printing your corporate logo or other graphic out as you frank your mail. Because today’s high-quality, ultra-modern franking machines offer a range of appealing and practical features, they are must-haves for every wise business person (whether start-up entrepreneur, middle management exec, or seasoned CEO).

The best mailrooms always have franking machines. If you don’t currently use one of these devices to process your mail, it’s probably time to make your company more efficient. Choosing the right franking machine will be easy, as long as you use an online service that does all of the tiresome comparison shopping for you.

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