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When franking machines were first invented, the purpose was to send important government documents without the need for postage stamps. Nowadays, thanks to this technology, we now have a simple, affordable, and convenient way to send mail in bulk. No matter what kind of profession you are in, franking machines will help you to post important documents and any type of bulk letter to your clients without the need for stamps, which can get very costly over time. Purchasing your own franking machine will eliminate the need for hiring postal workers to stick stamps onto everything, plus you can give your clients the ability to send you post for free, as an empty envelope that you give to them, can be franked beforehand. As you can see, a franking machine can be used for mailing all sorts of items from the post office for a much more affordable rate, so, let's take a closer look at how the frank equipment and service can be used specifically for business mail and official letters.

Franking Machines for Business Mail

You might understand the importance of using a franking machine for domestic mail from businesses to their clients, such as insurance companies where you need to fill out and return a form, communication via marketing agencies, direct mailers and advertising, and other products that you need to purchase via post, but what about international delivery of mail? This can get very expensive, which is why a franking machine can provide a simple, yet highly proficient solution, even if you are a medium sized business who has a dozen or so customers to keep happy. Your office correspondence with them is vital in ensuring your continued success and good relationship; however, you don't want to spend a lot of money on stamps and mail. The best way to avoid this, is to go for the print solution format that most other businesses rely on, by way of purchasing high quality franking machines, such as a Pitney Bowes or Frama, which offers state of the art software and high quality ink production.

Some of the additional support that these companies offer includes the management of your account, smart tools for geo-location of your mailing services, folding machines, and more. The special print options allow for company logos to be printed on the envelopes which will enhance your marketing efforts, giving you an additional advertising tool. Plus, you can print anything you like on the envelope to mark it, such as Private and Confidential or Special Delivery, reference numbers, etc instead of a person writing in pen on each letter you send. In addition, your customer's address can be pre printed on the envelopes which saves a lot of time and money. It looks far more professional to have the envelope printed, rather than to use labels, and it will save your employees a lot of work, by having an automatic, set system do this large volume instead. Your stationary needs can be easily taken care of with this label printing method.

How to Find a Franking Machine Supplier

When you are a large company who sends a lot of information, product updates, letters, and essential services details via post, digital franking machines really are the way to go. But, how do you know which machine supplier to choose from. There are many excellent suppliers including Frama and Pitney Bowes, which is why it is important to look at the various features and capabilities of each one. There are also a wide range of models to choose from which makes finding the perfect franking machine supplier that much harder.

You need to look at the format of each one and how it can work for your specific requirements, the solutions it offers you in terms of stamping, marking, and inserting valuable information on the envelope including your company logo, a postage price that is paid for, the design of the envelope and the text that it used, over and above the standard envelope formation. If you want to find top franking machine supplies you can look on each website of the top rated companies to get a better picture of what solutions each type of machine can offer and how much each costs. Make sure that you get a number of quotes from the top companies and compare the same types of machines to each other. This will give you the best value for money.

How Much Cheaper Are Franking Machines than Stamps?

Looking at the price comparison between stamps and the franking machines, you will see that the amount you save depends on the amount of mail you send out. If you send out hundreds of envelopes a day, then you will make back what you have paid almost immediately, and the savings will be great. If you only send out a few letters a week, it will take longer to notice the benefits, but in the long run, you will see that you do indeed experience savings.

What are the Top Features of Franking Machines?

The main privilege of owning your own franking machine is that you can take advantage of a number of special benefits, not just the cheaper rates. It helps you to improve your mailing process and enhances your professionalism, by inserting special features onto envelopes. You can connect with local time data and have this information printed, as well as contact details of your company as a return address. You can start and fine tune a marketing campaign, by using the retrieved information and communications from your customers on their envelopes. The machines allow you to track mail and insert signatures and time stamps at certain destinations. Franking machine tools are important for recording payment details in terms of the postage. Many machines also offer postage scales and feed this information to the digital computer system, which then provides an accurate price according to the weight of the parcel.

As you can see, choosing a franking system will give you home advantage in terms of postage and bulk mail, and you can easily change the way you approach your customers and clients for the better! When you collect as much mail as you do, you must devise a better way of processing and organizing it all. With top of the line franking machines, you can be sure that you will always stay in control of your mail and mailing.

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